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Service Description

NORDUnet, Adobe connect meeting environment

Service Provider

Kastruplundgade 22
DK-2770 Kastrup

Contact Information







+46 8 20 78 60

Fresia Pérez

NOC Manager


+46 76 175 8801

Jørgen Qvist

Chief Network Operating Officer

+45 31 62 14 00

René Buch

Chief Executive Officer

+45 31 19 14 00

Gathering and Use of Personal Data

Gathered information is used to enable the use of ACP environment and for user authorization. Log file information is used to monitor server and network capacity as well as to solve technical, performance, and abuse issues.

The following information is retrieved from the home organisation at user login: name, email address, home organisation, and role at home organization. Additionally, a user may provide more detailed information for the service via the user own profile space.

Personal data remains in the system 24 months from the last login.

Data protection and Security

The required network traffic of the service is protected by SSL encryption. The internal system register is protected by personal user accounts, and by personal authorization of the system administrators.

Transfer of Personal Data

The name of the user is accessible by other ACP users. Additional (voluntary) information provided by the user on the user profile is accessible by other ACP users. An ACP user account is required to access this information. Other personal data gathered by the ACP system is accessible only to authorized staff.

Personal information is not transferred to third parties.

Checking Validity and Rectification of Personal Data

User may inquire the contact persons of the service to check her/his personal information stored in the system. Information provided by the home organisation should be validated and corrected via the home organisation. Regarding ACP specific information you can turn to the ACP contact persons mentioned above.

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