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This page contains public information on participation in the GN2  efforts by NORDUnet, the Nordic NRENs, and partners.

You can find here contact information, presentations, papers, etc.

NORDUnet GN2 Contacts

Project Coordinator: Lars Fischer

Financial Adminsitration: Susanne Reidel

Project Adminstration: Thomas Hyllested

GN2 Nordic Participation

NORDUnet is a member of the GN2 consortium. The project is now in it's final year.

NORDUnet is partner in GN2 on behalf of the community of Nordic NRENs. This means that NORDUnet represent the entire community in the project. Work is contributed to the project by both NORDUnet staff and NREN staff, and both NREN and NORDUnet staff receive funding from the project. UNI-C, SUNET, FUNET, and UNINETT have all contributed effort to the GN2 project.

NORDUnet acts as coordinator for the effort contributed by the Nordic community.
NORDUnet oversees project budgets and financial reporting and assist partners in making agreements on project contributions.

GN2 Background Information

The GN2 project delivers and operates the GÉANT network and related service. GÉANT provides a network interconnect of 34 European research and education networks, and develops and operates advanced services for hybrid network provisioning (i.e., AutoBAHN), user mobility (eduroam), identity management (edugain), network monitoring and measurement (PerfSONAR), end-to-end performance support (PERT, End-to-End Coordination Unit), and more.

More information on GN2 can be found on then project homepage.

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