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NORDUnet Open Source

NORDUnet is to a large extent directly or indirectly financed by taxes. Therefore NORDUnet wishes that any software, specification, document and other similar artifacts produced by NORDUnet personnel is useful to as many individuals, companies and other organizations as possible. NORDUnet is a small organization with limited resources to pursue and defend against litigation. In order to reduce the risk of exposure a signed Contributor Agreement is required for all external contributors to NORDUnet projects.

Furthermore NORDUnet is a part of a worldwide community and can achieve its goals and provide state-of-the-art services only by being part of community projects. The NORDUnet IPR policy is therefore created to enable sharing and collaborative efforts. NORDUnet must be able to participate in and establish new OpenSource projects; we therefore specify a standard OpenSource License for NORDUnet as well as requirements on the license on existing projects.

NORDUnet IPR Policy

NORDUnet BSD License

NORDUnet Contributor Agreement

NORDUnet Note Well

NORDUnet Git Repository

Other NORDUnet open source software

Crowd Shibboleth Module

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